If you can dream it

we can help you achieve it

From Websites, TV and Web production to Graphic Design, Media Planning and Social Media, Advantage Media Promotions Has You Covered.

Advantage Media Promotions will create custom-designed ad campaigns from start to finish. We begin with the initial consultation to learn about the vision and mission of your business or organization. We want to know what makes you tick; the personality of your business, the reason behind what you do.

Our Mission

Advantage Media Promotions wants to give your company or organization the advantage over your competition by promoting you in the right places at the right time with the right message.

Our Goal

We want to creatively and effectively help your business tell the story of who you are, why you exist and then promote your products and services. We want to help you, the business owner, promote your why and what successfully.


AdVantage has over 25 years of advertising experience combined. What sets us apart from other agencies, is we are not limited to a select few to work with. We continue to build relationships with people in different aspects of our business so we can match the right person to help you with what you need and want.

Time Management

We value your time. We do it for you because we value your time. Your time needs to be invested in what you do well in your business. It can be very time consuming to consistently meet with all the different media people to hear what they have to offer and everything that is new. Let us bring new business to your doorstep.

Get Results

Effective and results oriented. Drive people to your website. Whereas we cannot make someone buy your product or use your service, we can create the atmosphere that will drive them to your website, make a phone call or come to your place of business.